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Kobold Chronicles!

Kobold Chronicles!

Aug 27 - Aug 28, 2023

Welcome to Kobold Chronicles! The official Kobold Press Community Play, where hand selected GMs run some of Kobold Press’s most popular material to date! Whether you’re the forever GM wanting to scratch your player itch, or you want to just want to sit back, and make a silly voice while you throw some dice for a few hours. Kobold Chronicles runs on the last Sunday of every month and seats are first come first serve! For the month of July, we will be running the adventure ‘The Blood Vaults of Sister Alkava’! This is a 7th level adventure with a run time of 3-4 hours. Character Sheets will be provided. GMs will run this game on their choice of Foundry, Shard, and Roll20 so make sure to pick a session on the VTT of your choice! Have any questions? Join our Discord!

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The last Sunday of every month!

The Kobold Press adventure, ‘In Its Horrid Wake’!