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The Dice Must Flow Weekend Event

The Dice Must Flow Weekend Event

Apr 25 - Apr 29, 2024

Control the Dice, Control the Universe! Dune: Adventures in the Imperium - The Roleplaying Game takes you into Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi world. Keep your wits about you as you and your friends navigate a universe of deadly duels, political intrigue, exotic adventures, and the ever-deepening mysteries of the Spice Melange. Throughout "The Dice Must Flow Weekend Event" on StartPlaying.Games, you’ll be able to join experienced Gamemasters ready to guide you across the deadly desert climes of Arrakis, with no prior knowledge of tabletop roleplaying games or the Dune universe needed! In Wormsign, you will be sent out to investigate the theft of a spice shipment beyond the shield wall. Can you locate the smugglers stealing your House's spice or will you run afoul of the deadly Fremen? Of course, these threats pale in comparison to the gargantuan sandworms that jealously guard the spice fields… In Desertfall, you will be tasked with preparing for the arrival of the noble House Atreides, ensuring their official Residency is secure against spies, assassins, and other potential threats that may be lurking in the long shadows of Arrakeen. Join a game on StartPlaying.Games today and experience a world of cut-throat politics, dramatic family struggles, and deadly sandworms, where a single blade can decide the fate of millions!

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