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Chrome Gaming Weekend

Chrome Gaming Weekend

Jun 3 - Jun 6, 2022

Grab your deadliest CyberTech and jack in to Voidspace for a ripping gut-shot of cyberpunk horror. In collaboration with Role, Start Playing Games is bringing you a special weekend of CHROME. Rooted in the Panic Engine, of Mothership fame, CHROME is a game of cybernetic monstrosities, esoteric weirdness, and electric noir. Suit up with a group of scrappy Operators in a desperate bid for survival, adrenaline, and sweet sweet credits. Descend into madness through terrifying cascades of failure. Burn every resource you have to succeed on the bleeding edge. Few make it out of New Los Angeles alive, and those that do... are never quite the same. The streets are calling you, Operator. Are you in?

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