Is your Dungeons & Dragons group suddenly looking for a new TTRPG system to play? Are you just curious about what else is out there? How about giving Pathfinder a shot? This weekend is StartPlaying’s Learn to Play Pathfinder 2e weekend! Come learn this crunchy, customizable, and creative system from professional Game Masters in multiple time zones! 

Here at StartPlaying games, we’ve noticed a massive increase in Pathfinder interest (66% to be precise). To help our wonderful community scratch this new itch, we’ve teamed up with Paizo to present Learn to Play Pathfinder weekend! Our pro GMs are learning how to run the system with the highly-intuitive Pathfinder Beginner Box or lending their already-seasoned Pathfinder talents to full-fledged sandbox campaigns. 

Just follow this link to see the plethora of Pathfinder 2e games we have available. The event is going all weekend long from the 26th-29th, so you’re sure to find something that fits your schedule! 

Pathfinder has emerged as the premiere alternative to the massive presence that is D&D. Pathfinder 2e’s core rulebook has been selling like hotcakes ever since the TTRPG community became aware of certain business decisions concerning D&D. Much of Pathfinder’s appeal is that it’s a fantasy adventure system with mechanics that play out much like D&D’s. It offers many of the same ideas but with a lot more customization for player characters. Think weird ancestries like plant people or your choice of abilities at every level. 

Others appreciate the way that Pathfinder publisher Paizo puts effort into inclusiveness and diversity within its game world and community. While no company is perfect, Paizo has shown it is more willing to move with the times in a way that other big box games don’t. And the player community is very welcoming, which should make it easy for newbies to come in and find a table. 

If any of that sounds appealing to you, we’ve got a seat with your name on it right here! 

Jan 26, 2023

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