Vecna: Eve of Ruin | + Prequels leading up to the Historic Event!
Vecna: Eve of Ruin | + Prequels leading up to the Historic Event!

Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Campaign


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Weekly / Tuesday - 12:00 AM (UTC)

Jul 23 / Session 0

2-3 Hour duration

0 / 5 Seats filled


Tue, Jul 23 | 12:00 AM - Session 0


Experience required: Beginner

Age: 18+

This game will begin once 3 players have joined
About the adventure

This Campaign is for players who like combat, who like to narrate their moves and conversations and appreciate automations that only Fantasy Grounds can offer. The Campaign uses XP progression over Milestone because players can leverage their progression with creativity and insight. The most important thing for me to do is see that the players have fun...collectively. Our Campaign will try to (hopefully) be fast paced and jovial, and occasionally "loud". I will try to solicit verbal interaction with you, wisecracking when needed and using voice mannerisms that entice the necessary emotions based on the situations. Players new to Fantasy Grounds will be able to get into shape by playing special learning sessions so they will be more able to integrate with other players. If you are new, make sure to tell me so I can focus on you. A separate Adventure Series is available just for this purpose! Prequel Adventures include an adaption of "Vecna Lives!" and "Vecna, Die, Die, Die!" All done with lower Level Characters.

Recruiting notes

Embrace your destiny! Pursue and defeat Vecna's plans to dominate the Multiverse!

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45 games hosted

Highly rated for: Teacher, Sets the Mood, Creativity

Average response time: 9 hours

Response rate: 100%

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Additional details

How to prepare

I will be issuing individual invites to Discord for those who play in any of the Adventures I supply, and a working microphone is mandatory. Download Discord at Fantasy Grounds Unity Demo can be downloaded at htps://, which is all you need for the Campaign. No purchase is required. Though you must register in the Fantasy Grounds website to install.

What I provide

We will be using Fantasy Grounds Unity with several extensions to augment visual and audible immersion. I provide the Discord Servers and own all required sourcebooks, adventures and extensions we will be using, both in Fantasy Grounds and Physical Books. I tend to include most optional rules that lend to the overall theme of the D&D game such as Encumbrance, Consumable Ammunition, etc. I believe the loss of these features lessens the spirit of the game. I have also DM'd long enough to know my responsibility to provide a challenge to my players and the promise to try to ensure that players have fun with this. Danger is ever present in D&D, not everything is dependent on Combat. There may be other ways to resolve situations. Be imaginative, be creative, but most of all be wise.

Gameplay details

Multiple Session Zeroes, to attain a sufficient party size, will consist Character Creation using the Fantasy Grounds Character Wizard, plus possible discussions needed to coordinate gameplay and expectations.

Content warnings

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Open Door

Session 0

How will character creation work

Players will be able to make characters suitable for progression below Level 10 in order to participate in pre-release Adventures about Vecna published in previous versions of D&D, which I will be providing. When "Eve of Ruin" releases, players can create 10th Level characters or raise their lower-level characters to 10th level. Stat points can be assigned using standard array or point buy. Dice rolling for your stats will not be allowed. Characters can be created within the guidelines of agreed-upon source books. (Let me know what you want to create.) If you are creating a new character, have your design idea handy and discuss with me, that design and the best way to implement it ahead of time. This can include spending time in the server brainstorming ideas. Premade characters can be made available if that is your preference.

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Fantasy Grounds


Theater of the Mind