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Lost Mine of Phandelver (FRIDAYS)

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Lost Mine of Phandelver (FRIDAYS)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Above VTT, Skype, Theater of the Mind, Discord, D&D Beyond

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Timezone: UTC
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Number of players: 5 to 10 players
  • Experience required: None
  • Age: All Ages
  • Recruiting notes

    I have premium Music, Sound Effects, Animated Maps, Special Effects, Voices, and I even dress up in costume! We can start the game with 5 players or more, STARTING TIME from 10 AM MST SESSION LENGTH 5 to 10 hrs. (1AM cutoff) 10-15 minute breaks every 2 hrs. 30 minute break at 4hrs MUST HAVE: Desktop/Laptop/Tablet COMPUTER OR ABILITY TO USE DISCORD AND CHROME BROWSER AS LISTED: Discord WEBCAM, MICROPHONE, SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES There's a DICE APP in AboveVTT but good to have real dice incase things break. pen/pencil paper/character sheet(s) account Above VTT browser extension

    Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    The Lost Mines of Phandelver - for beginners: The characters are in the city of Neverwinter when their dwarf patron and friend, Gundren Rockseeker, hires them to escort a wagon to Phandalin. Gundren has gone ahead with a warrior, Sildar Hallwinter, to attend to business in the town while the characters follow with the supplies. The characters will be paid 10 gp each by the owner of Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin when they deliver the wagon safely to that trading post.

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    8 Reviews

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    Game Designer

    35 years as a TTRPG player

    35 years as a Game Master

    1 game hosted

    Brings The Core Books, enough dice for everyone up to 10 players, character sheets, pens, pencils, gaming board, miniatures, dice tower, Premium VTT's, Licensed PDF's, Prizes an MORE! to the table

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    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    Hopefully you have an account, or will get an account, on D&D Beyond. Otherwise we can use pen and paper, and then you will need dice. Obviously, if you are here... then you have internet and a browser, and you will need a webcam, microphone, and speakers or headphones. There are a multitude of dice apps and other options including what is built in to the VTT's we can use. Everyone needs at least the basic rules, dice, paper or character sheets, maybe some graph paper for mapping, pens, pencils, and anything else that helps them with the experience. DRESS UP IF YOU WANT TO!!! ...I WILL DRESS UP IF YOU WANT ME TO!

    What I provide

    I come fully loaded for the best possible experience! Custom Character Sheets, Dice, Miniatures, Tokens, VTT's, PDF's, Sound Effects, Music, and I'll even dress up for the game! ....AND... as the campaign progresses, we will have Guest Players as NPC's (villains, allies, gods, etc....) I will provide the storytelling, the action, music, sound effects, voices, and a VTT. We will start with Beyond D&D where I will share my content, and we will start with AboveVTT and if it rocks we will stick with it, and if it sucks then we will switch to whatever VTT the group prefers - and I will have set up the premium DM's account to share all content for free with my players. (DnDBeyond, AboveVTT, Discord) I have dice, miniatures, battle maps, tokens, and most everything is animated and has sound effects, music, dynamic lighting, Fog of War, effects, and more!

    Gameplay details

    Players can expect faced paced combat and a rules light gaming experience. I like to keep things fun, fast paced, and we can get as lighthearted or as gritty as the group would like to get, and we can explore those boundaries, respectfully, as we go.

    Content warnings


    Safety tools used
    • Aftercare
    • Bleed
    • Breaks
    • Debriefing
    • Lines and Veils
    • Luxton Technique
    • Luxton Technique Discussion
    • Monte Cook RPG Consent Checklist
    • Open Door
    • Session 0
    • Stars and Wishes
    • X, N, and O Cards
    How will character creation work

    Characters will be new, and generated with the DM at the beginning of our first gaming session. We can use Pen and Paper or PREFERABLY: D&D Beyond. I like to use traditional character creation using traditional races and classes to start off with. We have options and I am very willing to work with you.

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: Medium
    • Roleplay: Medium
    • Puzzles: Low
    • Experience Level: None

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