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About the adventure

Welcome to “Wings Over Mystara”, a military campaign featuring Mystara’s magnificent griffons and their brave riders. Characters must submit to military hierarchy and discipline. Each character must have a personal and compelling reason to join the Army of the Republic of Darokin, specifically a new griffon flight in the nascent Air Cavalry. That said, this campaign is all about griffons and griffon riders. The griffons come first. Characters are there to make sure their griffon lives a long, happy, and productive life. The first oath a griffon rider makes – “my life in your service” – is an oath made to their griffon. The griffons come first, always. The Immortal Terra, Hierarch of the Material Plane, created griffons. Legend has it that her fingerprints are on every griffon’s bones. Terra would be very displeased if a griffon rider didn’t put their griffon first. As a secondary priority, griffons and their riders form flights and act in the best interests of the Republic of Darokin. The second oath a griffon rider makes – “our lives in the service of Darokin” – is an oath made on behalf of themselves and their griffon. Griffon riders come from all walks of life and many different backgrounds. The one goal they all share is to see griffons held in high regard. Serving as a member of an elite military flight gives a griffin rider the resources and support to ensure their griffon is well cared for and isolated from hunters, animal circuses, and parts trade poachers. Each griffon is a unique bundle of personality, history, and aerial ferocity worthy of song and saga. Some are opposites of their riders, and some are so like their riders they seem of the same mind. Each griffon is a gift from Terra. But Mystara is a world ruled by Immortals who were once mortal beings; all things are possible. Some legendary griffon riders may find an Immortal sponsor and never part from their griffons. These pairs might pass through death and fly the skies of other fantastic planes, always together.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players must have an account on D&D Beyond, Discord, and The Forge, all free. A microphone and headphones are required for play. Webcams are optional. Please read the StartPlaying Terms of Service (TOS), specifically the Code of Conduct and Game Themes. I have zero tolerance for murder hobos, evil player characters, or toxic behaviour. After you have booked a game with me I will send you a link to my Welcome to Wings Over Mystara document. Please follow through on the numbered steps. This will prepare you for the start of our next game session.

What I provide

I provide character transfers from D&D Beyond into Foundry VTT, custom maps, music, and extensive homebrew additions to the D&D Known World setting of Mystara. I also provide griffons worthy of song and saga for characters, by the grace of Terra, to catch, train, and ride into legend.

Gameplay details

Griffons and Griffon Riders Griffons are fierce predators who hunt, catch, kill and eat prey. They hunt for the thrill of the chase as well as for food. Using their acute vision, griffons can spot prey a mile beneath them. They swoop down at up to 200 mph, snatch their target off the ground or out of the water, and carry it away. Griffons are strong enough to kill prey many times their size, so try to finish their kill on the ground. In the case of aquatic animals too heavy to lift, a griffon paddles with their back legs and uses their wings to “breaststroke” a short distance to shore while clutching their prey in their talons or front claws. Griffons cooperate to bring down larger or more dangerous prey animals. Hence the usefulness of griffon flights in defending territory against flying threats such as chimeras, wyverns, and dragons. Cooperation extends to hunting on the ground as well as in the air. If a specific prey is deemed “doable” by a lone griffon, the rest of the pride hoot and whistle encouragement from the sidelines. Hunting alone is a griffon pride’s version of a spectator sport. Griffons use their front claws or paws to kill their prey as quickly as possible, avoiding long fights. They may also use their wings to strike and stun, their beaks to bite or tear off heads and limbs, and their hind paws to kick or trample. A griffon is a force of nature. Griffon riders cannot be squeamish about their mounts. Additional Content Warnings Any content relating to animal cruelty, non-consensual sex, sexual assault, sex with minors, self-harm, or suicide is excluded from this game. Players who introduce this content during a play session will be banned from the game. This game is rated 18+ because the content listed below may surface during play. Some items in the list are part of non-player character backstories and current situations (e.g. verbal or physical abuse, classism, slavery), some items are part of the larger environment (e.g. animal death, natural disasters), and some items may impact or involve player characters (e.g. military engagements). Assassination Classism Coercion Consensual sex Death or dying Discrimination (sexual, ethnic, cultural, or religious) Disease Harassment Injury Intimidation Lying Mental illness Military engagements Miracles Natural disasters Nudity Pregnancy and childbirth Racism and racial slurs Swears or curses Torture Verbal and physical abuse

Content warnings
  • Animal death
  • Blood
  • Illness
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Slavery
  • Violence
  • Warfare
Safety tools used
  • Breaks
  • Session 0
  • Stars and Wishes
  • X, N, and O Cards
How will character creation work

Characters will be created in D&D Beyond at 1st Level during Session 0, including species, ethnicity, culture, statistics, class, and pre-game history. I will import your character into Foundry so you can use your character sheet within the game.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Beginner

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Wings Over Mystara - "My Life in Your Service"

6 Reviews

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Campaign Schedule
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  • Sun, Aug 21, 2022, 11:00 PM - session 2
  • Sun, Aug 28, 2022, 11:00 PM - session 3
  • Sun, Sep 4, 2022, 11:00 PM - session 4
  • Sun, Sep 11, 2022, 11:00 PM - session 5
  • Timezone: UTC
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Number of players: 1 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Age: 18+
  • Recruiting notes
  • Your country needs you! The Army of the Republic of Darokin is recruiting riders for griffon flights. Join as a Flight Lieutenant with a sign-up bonus of 10,000 daros. You must have animal handling and survival skills. Aerial combat experience is preferred but not mandatory. Your first task will be to hunt and capture your griffin with support from your experienced Flight Captain. After completing six weeks of flight training, you and your new griffon will protect Darokinian citizens and support critical diplomatic and military operations and assets.